Wasabi Juan's

2201 2nd Ave S #105, Birmingham, AL
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4:20 Nachos
Doritos, spicy tuna*, avocado, unagi sauce, sesame seeds, and spicy mayo.

Cooked Burritos

All burritos contain rice and are served with tortilla chips and homemade salsa.

Avocado, crab, and cucumber.
Steak, avocado, cream cheese, and sesame seeds.
Spicy mayo, crab, cucumbers, avocado, and shrimp.
Avocado, jalapeno, sesame seeds, cucumber, sun-dried tomatoes, and cabbage.
Shrimp, ninja sauce, jalapenos, and tortilla crunch.
Shrimp, cream cheese, and unagi sauce.
Thai'd Up
Shrimp, peanut sauce, cream cheese, cilantro, peanuts, and unagi sauce.
The Blazer
Chicken, cream cheese, cilantro, tomatoes, cabbage, and spicy mango mayo.
Steak, shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, and unagi sauce.

Raw Burritos

All burritos contain rice and are served with tortilla chips and homemade salsa.

Salmon*, avocado, unagi sauce, and sun-dried tomatoes.  
Spicy tuna*, jalapeno, spicy mayo, Dorito crunch, and sriracha.  
Spicy tuna*, shrimp, cream cheese, spicy mayo, unagi sauce, and avocados.  
Tuna*, salmon*, crab, spicy mayo, cucumbers, and avocado.  
Rick Roll
Spicy tuna*, steak, cream cheese, ninja sauce, unagi, and Dorito crunch.
Tropical Tuna
Tuna*, cream cheese, cucumber, spicy mango mayo.
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Company Details

Wasabi Juan's

Wasabi Juan’s is a new way to eat sushi. We make it fun and easy to enjoy. We have Raw items as well as cooked items. Our Burritos are wrapped in a Sesame sea soy wrap and assembled as follows: Sesame seed soy wrap on the bottom, then we spread out our seasoned rice. Afterwards we add the protein, vegetables, sauces, and any other ingredients involving the burrito of your choice. We roll it up like a burrito and slice it in half, so you can enjoy eating sushi like a burrito!


2201 2nd Ave S #105
Birmingham, AL 35233

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