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A Simple Idea

Expanding your network of catering customers can be a major benefit to your restaurant. Unfortunately, without proper planning, catering can add unnecessary stress to your staff. Outsourcing to a third-party catering service can become a financial burden. And let’s be honest — third-party catering services suck. You end up sacrificing a large part of your budget for a subpar interface that is confusing and difficult for customers to navigate.

This problem was imperative to solve, and Feast is doing just that.

Feast is the best way for restaurants to connect to customers that need catering services. Customers often feel like their catering options are limited, and we believe that it shouldn’t be that way. This is why we do what we do. Feast connects, promotes and grows relationships based around food — revealing a multitude of catering possibilities to customers.

The Benefits

Birmingham’s food scene is second to none — and your food is why.

We relieve restaurants from the stress of managing catering orders so you can focus on what you do best — creating delicious meals to be enjoyed throughout Birmingham. With our clean, intuitive interface, ordering is a joy for the customer and easy for the restaurant. Feast also understands the importance of promotion, which is why we market our partner restaurants via our website, social media and digital ad campaigns. And we do all of this without taking a huge cut of your profits and without massive upcharges to the customer.

Catering designed to promote and serve local restaurants and create lasting experiences around countless tables — without costing a fortune. Sign up today, and change the way Birmingham caters!

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